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Wichita Clean Streams was established in 2014 to develop and implement water quality improvement projects in the community that restore and protect the overall health of the river. In addition to water quality improvement projects, Wichita Cleans Streams provides water quality education to community members through community outreach. ​ 

The Arkansas River and Little Arkansas River are valuable assets providing pastoral beauty, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities to Wichita and the region. Over the years, water quality in these rivers has improved substantially with more effective treatment technologies, better land management practices, and increasingly more stringent water quality regulations. Nevertheless, there is opportunity for additional improvement. 

Meet Our Team


Michaela Rempkowski, Chairman 

Hoyt Hilman, Vice Chairman

Rebecca Lewis, Treasurer 

Sarah Unruh, Member

​Cindy Le, Member

Baylee Vieyra, Member

Rachel Tuck, Partner/Member

A Big Thank You


Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our organization and for considering supporting this initiative through a purchase or donation. 

All proceeds go directly toward water quality improvement projects of the Lower Arkansas River.